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The Book of Eli Review - reader review

By Mike Bradford

Denzel Washington plays Eli, a mysterious traveller who is heading West and has in his possession a book that he reads daily.

The world itself has been ravaged by an unspecified apocalyptic event some 30 year previous, letting the survivors take the law into their own hands. Eli encounters both looters and cannibals in his travels. The biggest threat, however, is posed by Carnegie (Gary Oldman) who runs a town that has access to an important water supply. He is one of only a few that are left who can read and for some unknown reason (that is later revealed), he wants to get his hands on the book that Eli both carries and defends.

Any movie that starts off with a Sphinx cat getting shot by a giant bow and arrow is going to be a good movie. After 10 minutes you begin to wonder when Denzel will take his sunglasses off but after the first action scene you forget everything else and are drawn straight into the film.

Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington are sensational actors and they certainly don’t disappoint in this movie. Oldman’s performance as Carnegie is reminiscent of his acting in ‘Leon’ where he played a corrupt and psychotic DEA chief. Washington is just as inspiring as he was in ‘Remember the Titans’.

Although some may think that the ending was a little anti-climactic, it is very hard to fault this film. When a large auditorium of people of all ages can sit through a movie in complete silence as their whole focus is rigidly concentrated on the screen, you know you’re watching something special. I would highly recommend that you go see it.

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