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The Founder DVD review: Tasty biopic of a fast food mogul


By Damon Smith

Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) is a salesman who neglects his wife Ethel (Laura Dern) to travel around the country selling milkshake machines to cash-strapped diner owners.

During a visit to San Bernardino in California, Ray takes a tour of the hamburger stand owned by Richard McDonald (Nick Offerman) and his brother Maurice (John Carroll Lynch), who have perfected a lightning quick cooking system.

Ray sniffs a lucrative business chance and persuades the siblings to sign a contract allowing him to franchise the McDonald's model around the country.

However, the contract terms prevent Ray from tampering with menu items, so he joins forces with slippery financial consultant Harry Sonneborn (BJ Novak) to wriggle through legal loopholes. The Founder is a tasty biopic of the businessman whose ambition was a key ingredient in the birth of a fast food empire.

Four stars

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