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The Mummy review: This movie is not quite the daddy


By Damon Smith

Director Alex Kurtzman's action-packed reboot of the classic horror kicks sand in the face of the tongue-in-cheek trilogy headlining Brendan Fraser and nods affectionately to the seminal 1932 picture starring Boris Karloff.

Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) undertakes long-range reconnaissance for the US military alongside Sergeant Chris Vail (Jake Johnson).

The two men abuse their position to steal artefacts for private collectors.

A daredevil treasure hunt in Iraq, formerly Mesopotamia, unearths the tomb of long-forgotten Egyptian princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), who rises after 5,000 years to wreak havoc on mankind.

Kurtzman's picture is suitably dark to warrant a 15 certificate - spiders and rats abound - and polished action trumps gut-wrenching emotion.

Even with Cruise's bruising zero-gravity acrobatics, The Mummy is not the daddy of this year's summer blockbusters.

Three stars

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