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The Road - reader review

By Mike Bradford

Kodi Smit-McPhee stars alongside Viggo Mortensen in this new outlook of the World’s end.

Together, father and son struggle on a quest to reach the Coast as they head South in terms of salvation. Avoiding marauding groups of red-neck cannibals and keeping shy of other survivors, the two journey on as a dying father struggles to impart all the survival instincts and wisdom he can to his son before he passes away.

There isn’t too much you can say about this film. Its plot is simple; survival. It also presents a detailed look into parenthood in the face of despair. Director John Hillcoat employs evocative and emotive imagery to present the “two good guys carrying The Fire” as they deal with isolation and fear in a decaying world. The relationship between the father and son is very stirring as the great love they have for each other often leads to thoughts of just ending their unfortunate situation there and then with a bullet. Yet the undercurrent of the son’s hope is never lost and you will find yourself strongly hoping that the two will strive on in their attempts and not take the easy way out.

There are many moving images in this movie as it flits between the past and the present in the mind of the father. The most powerful probably is when he throws his wallet containing the last picture he possesses of his wife off of a highway. Lord of the Rings fans will have a ‘Vietnam’ flashback when he also goes to throw his ring off to.

A bunch of heart-warming scenes are included as well just so that the audience does not get too depressed. What is sure to be the new advert for Coca-Cola may leave you tingling.

All in all, this was certainly a very well made movie and extremely powerful. However, it is a film that you would only watch once. You should also consider watching a comedy afterwards so that you’re not left feeling too low.

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