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Winchester review: Loaded with plenty of scares


Haunting: Jason Clarke and Helen Mirren
Haunting: Jason Clarke and Helen Mirren

By Damon Smith

In March 1881, Sarah Winchester (Dame Helen Mirren) inherits a $20 million fortune and a 50% stake in the Winchester Repeating Arms Company following the death of her husband.

The inheritance makes her one of the wealthiest women in the world. Curiously, Sarah uses her fortune to construct a vast mansion on an isolated stretch of land located 50 miles outside of San Francisco.

Brilliant medic Eric Price (Jason Clarke) is summoned to the house by Sarah to assess her mental state because there are questions about her ability to preside over the munitions company.

As he assesses Sarah, the doctor learns about the Winchester curse and the shocking truth about a house that stands seven stories tall with hundreds of rooms. It transpires that Sarah is not building a grand legacy for her niece (Sarah Snook) but an inescapable prison for vengeful ghosts that she believes will haunt her to the grave.

Day after day, she builds new rooms and corridors to keep the spectres at bay, but many people around Sarah question the method in her escalating madness.

Three stars

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