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Rob Beckett to host new BBC quiz show Head Hunters

The show will see contestants vie to win a rolling jackpot.

Rob Beckett (Ian West/PA)
Rob Beckett (Ian West/PA)

Rob Beckett will present a new daytime quiz show called Head Hunters, the BBC has announced.

Head Hunters will see see three contestants, picked from a pool of 20 following quick qualifying questions, vie to win the rolling jackpot at the end of each show by answering a question correctly from nine different categories in just 90 seconds.

The show will be on every weekday afternoon for six weeks, and each day the categories will be different.

Rob Beckett currently stars in All Together Now (Ian West/PA)

After they are revealed, a Head Hunter might feel confident they can compete alone or they might think two, three or four heads are better than one.

If so, they will need to “hunt the heads” to help them answer the questions, recruiting candidates from the rolling cast of the pool of 20 hopefuls, by bidding for their services with offers of cash.

Each episode will feature around 80 questions, with topics varying from fashion to the Tudors, chemistry to romantic comedies.

Beckett said: “When I was first approached about Head Hunters I was slightly worried that it might be a reality TV hunting show, and I would be shot by an ivory poacher.

“Luckily for me it’s a brilliant quiz show that I get to host.

“It’s my first time hosting a quiz and I can’t wait to get stuck in. We will definitely have some laughs along the way as our Head Hunters bid, banter and sometimes offend their opponents in what promises to be an exciting new BBC quiz.”

Jo Street, commissioning editor at the BBC added: “If knowledge has a price, how much will our Head Hunters be worth? £15,000? £1,500? Or £1.50?

“Every episode of Head Hunters will be different – some quizzers could be offered huge amounts by each other, some could be offensively small. Either way Head Hunters will deliver BBC One Daytime viewers fun and games throughout.”



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