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Sneak peek for the fans of TV hit show Game Of Thrones


Online teaser: Maisie Williams

Online teaser: Maisie Williams

Online teaser: Maisie Williams

A tantalising teaser and a mysterious new website for Game Of Thrones' fifth season have been revealed online.

Fans eagerly awaiting news about the Northern Ireland-filmed sex and swords fantasy celebrated the cryptic preview released on Twitter.

The brief clip focuses on Arya Stark, played by actress Maisie Williams - who is set to become a barbarous killer next series. A voiceover from witch Melisandre (Carice van Houten) can be heard telling Arya: "I see a darkness in you."

The sombre footage gives little away and is mostly comprised of material from previous seasons, showing Arya lying in the darkness and stabbing a man with her sword, Needle.

The video's caption then tells viewers "Receive the power of the sight". The trailer directs viewers to a new website, ThreeEyedRaven.com, offering fans "visions of the future" if they sign up - a hint that this is where a full-length trailer for season five will eventually premiere.

Those who choose Twitter receive a message saying: "You now have the power of The Sight. Keep watch for visions of the future".

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