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'Steve says there are three people in our marriage - that's him, me and my iPhone'

By Staff Reporter

One of the Republic's top TV stars, Miriam O'Callaghan, has given a fascinating insight into what makes her marriage to top BBC NI executive Steve Carson work.

The mum-of-eight says her iPhone has played a significant role in their relationship since 2013, when Steve left a high-flying job with RTE for a post as head of productions with the corporation in his native Belfast.

"Steve says there are three people in this marriage: him, me and my iPhone," she said.

Miriam, who has four daughters in their 20s from her first marriage to fellow journalist and broadcaster Tom McGurk, and four younger sons with Steve, said that her husband's job in Northern Ireland has helped give the boys an insight into their father's cultural background.

Steve either returns to their home in Dublin at weekends, or she and some of the children travel to Belfast to spend time with him. He also makes a point of coming home every Wednesday.

Miriam laughed: "We are a genuine all-island couple. Steve's from a northern Presbyterian background. I'm from a southern Catholic background. We have kids; they have a bit of both. He works there, I work here. We're what the peace process is all about."

Of Steve's work in Belfast, she added: "We don't know how long this will go on, but it's going really well now, and he's really happy. He loves being back in Belfast and he has loved being there for his dad (ex-Belfast Telegraph features editor Tom Carson), who is in his 80s.

"He can bring him to the hospital and things, which he couldn't have done when he was here. And the children all have a greater sense of Belfast now which is terrific.

"The boys are up there all the time and one of the girls is going up there this weekend with her boyfriend. I think it has broadened their experience to have him in Belfast."

As well as expanding the family's minds, the presenter, whose Saturday with Miriam shows returns to RTE this weekend, says the move to Belfast has also done wonders when it comes to husband Steve's shrinking waistline.

As he is living alone in the city, Miriam said that after his working day finishes, he had the option of either going for a few pints or going the gym - and had chosen to do the latter.

Explaining that he had become very slim and fit of late, Miriam said: "So, I'm going to have to get super-fit too."

And she also revealed that she has managed to maintain a very civilised relationship with ex-husband Tom, too.

She added: "With my girls, credit is due for the fact they are such well-rounded people to their great father and great stepmother.

"One of my girls graduated recently and we all went out to dinner together as an extended family and everyone had a lovely time, and it was great and it made everyone happy."

She added: "And I sat there and thought, 'This is how it should be. Life's way too short for it not to be.'"

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