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Strictly Daniel O'Donnel's gratitude to loyal fans who cross border to cast votes

By Laura Abernethy

Daniel O'Donnell has thanked his "very loyal" fans who have been crossing the border to vote for him on Strictly Come Dancing.

The Donegal crooner appeared on BBC Breakfast yesterday after he made it through the second week of the show.

He told presenters Lousie Minchin and Charlie Stayt that he'd heard that some devoted fans had been getting creative to vote as telephone voting is not open to viewers outside the UK.

He said that some of his fans are staying with friends and family in Northern Ireland to vote and described them as "very loyal".

Other supporters have enlisted the help of friends and family in the UK to get around the ban on telephone voting in the south.

Fan Gavin Boyle (38) told yesterday how he travelled from his home in Sligo to stay with friends in Enniskillen for Saturday nights.

He said: "The general consensus from everybody I have spoken to is that they should persuade anyone who belongs to them in the UK to vote. It's the support that he deserves."

Ann Cassidy, a post mistress from Donegal, said she had persuaded her cousins in England to vote on her behalf, as well as applying for tickets to the live shows.

The votes helped Daniel sail through to the third week of the competition.

Although his performances so far have been well received, he told the Breakfast show that he was still struggling with nerves.

"We have such a great time and we laugh until we have to go on and then we are terrified. There's unbelievable feelings as you go down those stairs and then you have to perform," he said.

He also explained how his decision to appear on the prime-time show was all down to his wife Majella.

He said: "I had been asked to do the Christmas special a few times but I could never commit. It's a big commitment. Then this request came in.

"We'd decided to take a break and do other things and I thought it wasn't the right time.

"Majella automatically said 'What are you talking about? You can take a break any time in your life. You'll never get asked to go on Strictly again'."

He added: "That was the decision made."

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