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The BFG review: Giant fun with this Roald Dahl classic

By Damon Smith

Precocious orphan Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is snatched from her bed at the witching hour by a hooded 24-feet tall figure, who introduces himself as the Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance).

The BFG wouldn't normally kidnap a chiddler, but he explains that he was fearful Sophie might cause a great rumpledumpus by yodelling she had seen a giant. A tender and deeply touching friendship is forged between Sophie and her kind-hearted abductor, who is bullied by filthsome fellow giants.

The BFG is a gloriumptious rendering of Roald Dahl's fantasy, which marks the final collaboration of Steven Spielberg and Melissa Mathison, director and screenwriter of ET.

Sweetness and childish wonder glister in every frame although some of the darker elements of Dahl's source text have been excised, but Mathison thankfully retains Dahl's gobblefunk lexicon of jumbly words.

Four stars

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