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The Boss review: Giving orders to have a good laugh

By Damon Smith

Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) was raised at the Blessed Sisters Of Mercy orphanage, where efforts to find the youngster a loving, adopted family ended in crushing disappointment.

Emboldened by her humiliating ordeal, Michelle becomes America's 47th richest woman until her dubious ethics result in a five-year prison sentence for insider trading.

She emerges without any friends to greet her. Her bodyguard Tito (Cedric Yarbrough) has abandoned her and long-suffering personal assistant Claire Rawlings (Kristen Bell) has a young daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson) to nurture. In desperation, Michelle turns up unannounced on Claire's doorstep and takes up temporary residence on a temperamental sofa bed.

From this low-rent headquarters, Michelle doggedly resolves to rebuild her empire by creating a flourishing chocolate brownie business from Claire's moreish secret recipe.

Moderate success brings the shamed business mogul back into contact with her aggrieved rival, Renault (Peter Dinklage), and former mentor Ida Marquette (Kathy Bates). Meanwhile, single mother Claire nervously prepares for a date with nice guy Mike (Tyler Labine). The Boss is a pleasant, fleeting diversion that fulfils the most basic requirement of a comedy: it makes you laugh.

Three stars

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