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Trespass Against Us: Stars shine amid half-formed plot


By Damon Smith

Colby Cutler (Brendan Gleeson) presides over a fiefdom of caravans and campfires with a clenched rather than an iron fist.

His son, Chad (Michael Fassbender), is secretly planning to move wife Kelly (Lyndsey Marshal) and their children, Tyson (Georgie Smith) and Mini (Kacie Anderson), to a neighbouring site. The move would be Chad's first public act of rebellion, and the prodigal son chews nervously on the repercussions of striking out alone.

In order to finance the move, Chad leads night-time raids on country houses, flanked by his joyriding lieutenants, Kenny (Killian Scott), Norman (Tony Way), Sampson (Kingsley Ben-Adir) and Lester (Gerard Kearns).

Shot on location in Gloucester, Trespass Against Us is a clutter of half-formed themes and plot strands. Fassbender and Gleeson deliver typically muscular performances born of machismo and wounded pride.

Director Adam Smith orchestrates set pieces with flair. However, jarring tonal shifts do little to dispel the nagging feeling that his picture is as roughly hewn as the illiterate, feuding characters it portrays.

Three stars

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