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TV prize draw: Belfast Telegraph cartoonist wins quiz show Tipping Point


Success: Stevie Lee on the ITV quiz show, Tipping Point

Success: Stevie Lee on the ITV quiz show, Tipping Point

Success: Stevie Lee on the ITV quiz show, Tipping Point

Belfast Telegraph cartoonist Stevie Lee is used to following the news headlines - but now he's making them after winning more than £2,000 on a popular ITV quiz show.

The artist, whose pithy cartoons appear in this newspaper's letters page each day, showcased his expert general knowledge to become a winning contestant on Tipping Point in a episode broadcast yesterday.

Tipping Point, presented by Ben Shephard, sees four contestants answer general knowledge questions to win counters which they use on a large coin pusher machine.

The number of contestants are whittled down over the course of several rounds until only one is left, who then aims to win as many counters as possible by answering questions in six categories.

Stevie said it had been a great experience to be a part of.

"At the very start after round one, you would have got some odds at the bookies on me winning, because I was miles behind. But lucky enough things fell into place and I got through because another contestant didn't score. Then when it moved on to the questions I ended up with 10 counters, which shot me into the lead and I never lost it after that."

Annoyingly, in the second round Stevie was beaten by the clock when he was asked the only Northern Ireland-specific question in the entire episode.

"In politics, the Democratic Unionist Party is better known by which acronym?" asked Ben - just as the final seconds ran out.

Nonetheless Stevie, unsurprisingly, answered it correctly, telling the host: "DUP."

In the final round, however, Stevie, who next month marks 13 years producing cartoons for the Belfast Telegraph, walked away with £2,200 after he got an entertainment question about the BBC3 hit comedy Fleabag wrong.

He revealed that the episode was actually filmed over two years ago in Bristol. "It's funny because I watched it and I could still recall the answers I gave to the questions," he added.

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