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Two contestants booted from the Bake Off tent in 1920s week

One of the amateur bakers was awarded the Star Baker accolade for the second time this series.

Double exit on Bake Off after 1920s week fails (Channel 4/Love Productions)
Double exit on Bake Off after 1920s week fails (Channel 4/Love Productions)

By Lucy Mapstone, PA Deputy Entertainment Editor

Two contestants have hung up their aprons after being eliminated from The Great British Bake Off – Helena and Michelle.

The double-ditching came during the programme’s 1920s-themed week, which saw the remaining nine bakers tasked with creating custard pies in the signature challenge, beignet souffles in the technical and a prohibition-era tiered cake for the showstopper.

Helena, 41, made lemon and lavender custard pies for her first challenge, decorated with a monster from the lagoon reminiscent of films from the era.

Helena (Love Productions/Channel 4)

Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith were impressed with her decoration but said the flavour was “a little bit soapy”.

Michelle, 36, baked blueberry and white chocolate creme brulee pies, which the judges claimed were lacking in flavour despite their neat appearance.

Helena then came first place in the technical challenge for her beignet souffles – deep fried choux pastry donuts – while Michelle came in seventh place.

The showstopper challenge saw Helena’s vampire’s kiss raspberry vodka cake, inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, described by Hollywood and Leith as being both “sinister and very pretty” for its appearance, but “bland” for its taste.

Leith said that Michelle’s pina colada-themed creation based on her sister’s wedding day was “interesting and quite pretty”, but that she “overthought it” and that there were too many concepts in the decoration.

Hollywood said the flavour and texture was not up to scratch.

Michelle (Love Productions/Channel 4)

Despite’s Helena’s strong result in technical challenge, her overall performance in the episode was not deemed good enough, and she and Michelle were given their marching orders by presenter Sandi Toksvig.

Following her departure, the Spanish-born Leeds-based online project manager said: “I wanted to have the experience of a lifetime and I really got it!

“I got to halfway and it was a double elimination, so although bittersweet to leave, it was really lovely to go with Michelle, who was in exactly the same situation.

“We are the best of friends and on the phone all the time.”

Michelle, a print shop administrator from Wales, said: “I got halfway through, I never imagined that. I never set myself a goal of how far I could get, so halfway was amazing. I was just so happy to get into the tent.”

She added: “I hope I have made Wales proud of me, I tried to fly the flag for Wales this year, and I didn’t want to disappoint any one.

“I gave my all and I really tried in all of my bakes to introduce a little bit of Wales into the tent.”

Steph (Love Productions/Channel 4)

While Helena and Michelle were shown the door, Steph was awarded the Star Baker accolade for the second time this series.

She had impressed with her sour lime pina colada cake in the showstopper challenge, as well as her citrus custard pies in the signature round.

There was a catastrophic moment in the tent when Rosie’s custard pie dropped on the floor, the filling flying across the carpet.

“Well, I can’t really salvage that,” she joked, adding: “I’m going home.”

The Great British Bake Off continues next Tuesday on Channel 4.



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