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Video: Doc Brown and Marty McFly reunited for Back to the Future sketch

Doc Brown and Marty McFly were reunited for a comedy sketch to mark Back to the Future Day.

Yesterday marked the exact date the time-travelling duo went into the future in the 1989 second installment of the blockbusting trilogy.

Events were held across the world to mark the occasion, but it was US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel who probably outdone them all.

Not only did McFly (Michael J Fox) and the Doc (Christopher Lloyd) arrive in their DeLorean time machine, but Hughie Lewis, who appeared in the first film and performed the soundtrack also made an appearance.

In the sketch, the duo ask about flying cars, hover boards or if peace has ever been achieved in the Middle East, only to be left disappointed.

"Apparently the technological and cultural achievements of this era are somewhat underwhelming," the Doc says.

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