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Watch: Extended trailer of Kenneth Branagh’s Oscar-tipped Belfast released

Universal Pictures has released a new, extended trailer of Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming semi-autobiographical film Belfast.

The second trailer runs for two minutes and 30 seconds and focuses more on the character of Buddy played by Jude Hill and his family relationships.

The outbreak of The Troubles also features more in the new trailer, providing a backdrop to daily life and prompting the family’s decision to leave Northern Ireland and move across the water.

The mainly black and white teaser begins with a Van Morrison soundtrack and a young Buddy picking flowers in a field to give to the object of his affection, a girl in his class.

Across the screen, the words appear ‘Everything was about innocence, everything was about family, everything was about to change’.

As Buddy contemplates his love life, he asks his dad, played by Jamie Dornan, if he thinks he has a future with the girl he admires and when his dad replies ‘why the heck not?’, Buddy points out that she is a Catholic.

The action then takes a dramatic twist as trouble breaks out in their neighbourhood and when a car explodes and marauding gangs take to the streets, Buddy’s panicked mum (Caitriona Balfe) rushes out to look for him.

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When Buddy asks his dad if it was ‘our side’ causing the mayhem, Dornan’s Pa replies: “There is no ‘our side’ and ‘their side’ in our street. Well, there didn’t used to be anyway.”

When Buddy’s parents discuss the possibility of fleeing Northern Ireland for a better life, Buddy remarks to his grandfather, played by Ciaran Hinds, that he thinks his accent won’t be understood in England.

There is plenty of humour in the trailer to offset the dramatic upheavals going on around them, with Hind’s character pointing out to his grandson: “It shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve been married to your granny for 50 years and I’ve never understood a word she says.”

Branagh, who wrote and directed the film, uses humour again when Buddy’s Ma is considering moving away and says: “The Irish were born for leaving, otherwise the rest of the world would have no pubs.”

The trailer also has moments of emotion and poignancy as is seen when Buddy is faced with the possibility of having to leave his grandparents behind. Hinds’ grandpa tells him: “Belfast will be still here when you get back.”

Buddy says: “Will you?” to which his grandpa replies: “I’m going nowhere you won't find me."

Judi Dench appears in the trailer too as Buddy’s fun-loving grandma. When Dornan’s Pa blames religion for the problems in Northern Ireland, the wise youngster asks why his parents bother bringing him and his brother (Lewis McAskie) to church.

Dornan’s Pa responds: “Because your granny would kill me if I didn’t.”

The trailer concludes with Buddy’s grandpa reminding him of who he is and in a prophetic moment, tells his grand-son: “You know who you are. Wherever you go and whatever you become, that will always be the truth.”

Belfast, which has been lauded by critics, is released in cinemas across the UK and Ireland on February 25, 2022.