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Watch: Netflix drops first trailer for Black Mirror film Bandersnatch

Black Mirror has announced the release date for its new, feature-length film to debut on Netflix.

A series of mysterious tweets confirmed Black Mirror: Bandersnatch will land on the streaming service on Friday, December 28.

"Relax," the official Black Mirror account cryptically tweeted on Thursday before releasing the first trailer an hour later.

Bandersnatch recently appeared on the streaming service branded as "a Netflix film" with the description "Be Right Back" - the name of the first episode in season two of Charlie Brooker's anthology series.

The film will mark the show’s longest instalment to date, running just one minute longer than season three’s Hated in the Nation, which ran for 89 minutes.

It is not yet known if season 5 of the Black Mirror series will launch alongside the film.

It was rumoured that the latest instalments would feature a "choose-your-own-adventure" where viewers could interactively select alternative endings.

The fourth season was six episodes long and aired on Netflix on December 29 last year.

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