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You've made Northern Ireland very proud: Blu Hydrangea sashays out of Drag Race UK

Blu Hydrangea
Blu Hydrangea

Northern Ireland drag queen Blu Hydrangea has been eliminated from RuPaul's Drag Race UK after making it into the competition's top five.

The Belfast-based queen (23) faced Cheryl Hole, her "best friend on the show", in the lip-sync battle with both queens performing to former Girls Aloud star Cheryl's hit single call My Name, in front of the singer herself.

This week's challenge saw Blu fail to impress the judges with her creative marketing skills as the queens were put to the test to create their own bottled water.

After telling Blu it was her time to go home, head judge and presenter RuPaul told the drag queen: "You've made me and Northern Ireland very proud".

Blu Hydrangea - the drag name of make-up artist Joshua Cargill - told Ru that that was "all I wanted".

Speaking about her exit from the show, she said she felt "sad but at the same time I'm really happy".

"I think I got in my head a lot. I wasn't as confident as I should have been but now I know that I'm a star and I'm really thankful for Drag Race for showing me that."

She added: "I'm just a little boy from Northern Ireland who came all the way over here and slayed the competition. I'm proud."

The drag queen used her time on the show to educate RuPaul's Drag Race viewers of Northern Ireland's marriage laws, which, up until October 22, differed from the rest of the UK and Ireland.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK continues Thursdays at 8pm on BBC Three

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