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Grupo Corpo review: Dancers a heady blend of superb technique and sexy Brazilian brio

By Jane Coyle

One by one, the dancers rippled on stage, as though emerging from the depths of the ocean. They were encased in intricately tattooed body suits, incorporating images and legends of the sea.

The Brazilian company Grupo Corpo had an energy, a dynamic all its own, its dance style a heady combination of superb classical technique and sensuous Latin brio.

The double bill for this Irish premiere will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and memories of all who experience it.

Sem Mim evoked the lives of sailors and fisherfolk and is adapted from a 13th century Portuguese song cycle.

The soundscape bubbled up from deep within the Celtic world, hardly surprisingly since one of its composers is Carlos Núñez, the virtuoso Galician piper.

The second piece, Parabelo, is a cutting edge explosion of burnished metallic colours and sensual rhythms, ricocheting between depictions of urban gang culture and religious ritual.

The set was dominated first by a backkdrop of expressionless severed heads, then tattered photographs of lost souls pasted onto the walls of a city church. These ravishing performers brought to a dank Belfast evening the dazzling sunshine of their country through a joyous celebration of tradition, folklore and carnival.

Four stars

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