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Hugo Duncan: Let's get cracking with the holiday roadshows

Mike Denver
Mike Denver

By Hugo Duncan

W e are currently finalising our itinerary of BBC Radio Ulster outside broadcasts for the summer months and Easter usually sees us step up a gear.

We will be in Main Street, Toomebridge on Easter Monday and then it's on to the Tommy Makem Centre, Keady in Co Armagh on Friday next.

Indeed, Keady will be something of a mecca for the stars, as Mike Denver, John Glenn, Ciaran Rosney, Brandon McPhee and Stuart Moyles will all be coming along to perform live over the airwaves.

Also appearing will be our regular contributors, Crawford Bell, Boxcar Brian and Country Harmony.

Mike Denver is guaranteeing that the craic will be ninety - and that just happens to be the title of his latest single! John Glenn, of course, is back in his former role of lead singer with The Mainliners and, by all accounts, the band are doing very good business around the country.

John is particularly modest and is certainly not looking for kudos, but it would be remiss of me not to highlight his singing talent.

Come to think of it, The Mainliners are blessed with vocal strength as band members Ginger Morgan, Ronnie Duffy and Martin Campbell are all proficient when it comes to belting out a number.

Ciaran Rosney launched his band just over a year ago and in that time he has made steady progress. Not only is Ciaran a fine singer, but he is also an accomplished guitarist and he has certainly been winning fans through his versatility and professionalism.

Stuart Moyles hails from Mayo and is an accomplished solo performer who is well-known throughout the country.

He has been on several country spectaculars on the Continent and is known for his wide range of numbers of instrumental ability.

We will also have a parade of stars at Toomebridge on Monday, where we hope there will be a good holiday atmosphere.

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