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Hugo Duncan: No-frills Joe Moore stepping up in the popularity stakes


Big demand: Joe Moore

Big demand: Joe Moore

Big demand: Joe Moore

Joe Moore is a much-travelled singer, who has secured a comfortable niche within the country music sphere for himself.

The man from the north west has been performing for many years now, but in more recent times he appears to have achieved a new level of popularity.

I had the pleasure of meeting up him again at McLaughlin's Corner in Kilrea on Friday night and he was in fine voice. There are no frills with Joe - he is just a good, straightforward singer, who puts a huge effort into everything he does.

He has recorded some very fine duets with Chris Logue of Logue and McCool fame and as well as that he has had a number of singles released. He is currently gaining in popularity in England and Scotland, where he is on tour, and he is also part of the Country Legends show.

The one thing about Joe is that it is not necessary to ask him which country legend in particular does he portray - he is so good he can portray almost any of the male stars, as he has a distinctive singing voice and an easy-going, laid-back style that endears him to audiences.

In fact, even when I am speaking to him, I am reminded of American country stars, because of his deep, gravelly voice.

He takes his work very seriously and is in big demand for concerts throughout the year.

He certainly helped things to go with a swing at McLaughlin's Corner and I must say that it was a very pleasant occasion overall with a big crowd.

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