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I hadn't a prayer in Donegal rain

By Hugo Duncan

The bad weather at the weekend brought me to my knees - literally.

It was while removing my stage suit from my car at Burtonport Festival in Donegal that I got soaked to the skin.

I honestly had not thought it was raining so hard, but after just a few minutes with my head uncovered I was totally drenched.

I sought refuge in the toilet of Manus McDaid's bar, into which the entertainment had been switched from its original outdoor site because of the weather, and just after having dropped to my knees close to a sink, a local wag bounced in and asked: "Are you praying again, Hugo?"

"No," I replied. "I am going to try and dry what little hair I have left by getting under the hand-dryer here.

"Mind you, I might need a little divine intervention if I am to avoid pleurisy!"

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