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James Bond: Top 10 villains that shook and stirred us the most

Richard Kiel played Jaws in two Bond movies
Richard Kiel played Jaws in two Bond movies
Dr No, played by Joseph Wiseman
Auric Goldfinger played by Gert Frobe
Nick Nack, played by Herve Villechaize
Robert Shaw during filming of the movie "Jaws." (AP Photo/Universal Pictures)
Lotte Lenya plays Rosa Klebb in "From Russia With Love"
Sean Connery as James Bond fights with Harold Sakata (1926 - 1982) as Oddjob in the film 'Goldfinger'. (Photo by Express Newspapers/Getty Images)
Famke Janssen played Bond girl Xenia Onatopp
Javier Bardem plays Raul Silva in Skyfall
English stage and film actor Donald Pleasence (1919-1995) with Karin Dor (left) and Mie Hama, in a James Bond photocall from 'You Only Live Twice,' in which he plays the villainous Ernst Stavro Blofeld. (Photo by Larry Ellis/Getty Images)

The James Bond franchise has shaken and stirred audiences with a veritable production line of colourful characters, but which ones stand out as best baddies of the series? Here are the top 10:

Jaws, played by Richard Kiel

Film: The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker

Notable characteristic: A 7' 2" hulk with steel teeth that could bite through anything.

007 fate: Unwisely turned into more of a comic character in his second outing, Jaws changed allegiance and settled down with a girlfriend.

Dr No, played by Joseph Wiseman

Film: Dr No

Notable characteristic: His bionic metal hands. Dr No could crush a stone into powder.

007 fate: Boiled alive in a radioactive coolant after trying to kill Bond.

Auric Goldfinger, played by German actor Gert Frobe and voiced by Michael Collins

Film: Goldfinger

Notable characteristic: A rotund, greedy gold smuggler with really bad taste in clothes.

007 fate: Sucked out of a broken aeroplane window when a bullet shattered it.

Nick Nack, played by Herve Villechaize

Film: The Man with Golden Gun

Notable characteristic: Scaramanga's butler and sidekick was only 3ft 11in. Nick Nack is said to be the inspiration behind Mini-Me, played by Verne Troyer in the Austin Powers films.

007 fate: Nick Nack tried to kill Bond, but after a brief fight, 007 stuffed him into a suitcase and locked him away in a cage.

Red Grant, played by Robert Shaw

Film: From Russia With Love

Notable characteristic: Like Bond, he was a tough, psychopathic killer. Unlike Bond, he worked for SPECTRE.

007 fate: After a long, brutal fight on a train, Bond pulled a knife out of his briefcase and stabbed Grant before taking the villain's garrote wire watch and strangling him to death.

Rosa Klebb, played by Lotte Lenya

Film: From Russia with Love

Notable characteristic: Also known as Number 3, Klebb was a high-ranking, sadistic member of SPECTRE who loved torture interrogations.

007 fate: Klebb attempted to kick Bond with a poison-tipped shoe, but he blocked the attack. Her former protegee Tatiana Romanova (played by Daniela Bianchi) picked up Bond's gun and killed Klebb.

Oddjob, played by Harold Sakata

Film: Goldfinger

Notable characteristic: Oddjob was extremely strong; he broke the railing of a staircase with karate chops. But it is Oddjob's bowler hat that continues to enthral James Bond fans - it was edged with razors and put to lethal use.

007 fate: Bond used Oddjob's hat against him. He grabbed a sparking wire and thrust it against some bars where the hat was lodged. This sent electric current to the metal in the hat's rim and electrocuted the henchman.

Xenia Onatopp, played by Famke Janssen

Film: GoldenEye

Notable characteristic: She killed men by squeezing them to death between her thighs.

007 fate: Onatopp attempted to dispose of Bond via her signature method, but he attached her to a safety harness and shot down a helicopter, which sent her flying into a tree where she was crushed to death. Bond quipped: "She always did enjoy a good squeeze."

Raul Silva, played by Javier Bardem

Film: Skyfall

Notable characteristic: Former MI6 operative who was captured, tortured and attempted to take his own life using a hydrogen cyanide implant in one of his molars. The suicide attempt failed, leaving him with mental scars and a horribly disfigured face.

007 fate: Bond hurled a knife into his back.

Ernst Blofeld, played by Donald Pleasence, Telly Savalas, Charles Gray, John Hollis and Max von Sydow

Film: From Russia with Love, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, For Your Eyes Only, Never Say Never Again (Sean Connery's non-Eon produced return to the Bond role).

Notable characteristic: Also known as Number 1, the head of global criminal organisation SPECTRE. Blofeld has varied in appearance, but Pleasence's bald, evil genius with the facial scar, fondness for stroking a white cat and aspirations of world domination is recognised as the definitive portrayal.

007 fate: Bond dropped Blofeld down a chimney stack to his death in For Your Eyes Only.

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