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Laurie Brett as Jane Beale and Mimi Keene as Cindy in a typical Enders moment

TV View: By the time EastEnders' Ian Beale realised who'd bumped off Lucy, there was more intrigue left in a game of Cluedo 

Leave it aaht Sharon! A cake fight, a premature birth in The Vic, a dodgy wedding, the possible murder of a rapist, attempted arson, Kathy Beale and Dot Cotton "nicked" for manslaughter (well, Kathy Beale hasn't been done for man-slaughter… yet). Not bad going for the 30th birthday knees up "daan the Square". And that's even before the peace der la resistunce: who killed Lucy?

Gordon Burns

A chink of light in our darkest days 

The familiar dystopian buzz of the Stones' Paint it Black splutters into life, grainy black and white images of rubble-strewn edifices, crying children and grim-as-Hades soldiers looking over their shoulders. Meanwhile a monk self-immolates before the cameras, in an incendiary indelible protest at brutal state repression. Well, scratch that last bit actually (we don't "do" those kind of clergy in Ireland), but as for the rest, you'd have been initially forgiven for thinking that UTV were about to give us their long-awaited Vietnam War retrospective.


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