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Absolutely buzzing about this fascinating insight into life of bees

By Joe Nawaz

There was some filthy Bee movie porn on BBC2 the other day. If mile-high orgies and exploding penises – not to mention submissive males and senseless violence – are your thing, then Hive Alive had it all.

Bees are the latest environmental cause celebre on account of them dropping like, um, flies. And the implications that has for us all ... well let's just say, the implications aren't good.

Rather than preach, though, Hive Alive brought us up close and personal to our tiny striped companions and let them all but speak for themselves. And it was an utterly bizarre, alien and beautiful thing. The ever dependable Chris Packham (left) was on top, enthusiastic form.

Whether it was getting excited about the evisceration of unfortunate drones' dangly bits in their fatal flirting with the queen ("pop goes the penis!") or merrily sticking a bee sting into the arm of Adam the apiarist (that's 'bee-keeper', fact fans) to see what it would do, it was hugely enjoyable stuff.

That he was more concerned about extracting the bee sting intact without harming the bee than he was about Adam's potential lapsing into anaphylactic shock was actually touching.

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