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TV View: Brothers bowl over London with their discerning breakfast club

By Joe Nawaz

Who saw the bearded Belfast brothers Keery on Channel 4 News the other night? You can still catch it online.

They've just opened Cereal Killers in London, a café that only sells - you've guessed it - cereal. First day business appeared to be good, with a bustling mêlée of infantilised hipsters and fad-prone zeitgeist-huggers desperate to sate their hitherto unrealised need for bowls of Korean Oreo Cereal.

Yet the Channel 4 coverage of Alan and Gary Keery's quirky successful new venture seems to have left many usual champions of norn iron entrepreneurship, well, irked. Channel 4's Symeon Brown started having a (snap, crackle and) pop at the brothers in a way that initially seemed a little harsh, until they decided to respond.

"What does (£3 for a bowl of cereal) mean for people that live locally?" he asked, referring to the impoverished Tower Hamlet's area. "This isn't one of the poorest areas is it?" asked a cheery Keery, before reflecting that locals probably wouldn't frequent Cereal Killers if they were poor.

"Can we stop this interview, because I don't like your questions," he abruptly ended the interview.

But the line that probably sunk them in the hearts and minds of even the staunchest local cheerleaders was: "People automatically tag us as hipsters because we're doing something original. Plus, we've got beards and live in Shoreditch." Say what you see, folks, as another successful export once said.

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