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John Lynch/Chrib Binchy, Crescent Arts Theatre

John Lynch evening lacked one ingredient: John Lynch

The most conspicuous thing about the audience with John Lynch and Chris Binchy last night was the absence of John Lynch — stranded in France due to fuel shortages.

Chris Binchy manfully stepped into the breach and provided the smattering of an audience with a short reading from his new novel, Five Days Apart.

Set in Dublin, the novel is the story of a young man who meets and falls in love with a girl only to lose her to his best friend almost immediately. The book was written in 2004/2005 and is, for the moment, only published in the US (although it is available on Gently witty and intelligent Binchy — nephew of the more famous Maeve — gave the audience some nice insights into his writing process. He tends to write late into the night and is a firm believer in the adage that no writer should have access to an internet connection while working. His reasons for writing, when pressed by host Marie-Louise Muir, was that it was a way of organising his own personal view of the world.

This was a pleasant enough evening but not likely to set the world on fire. The audience, which didn’t even fill the first four rows, could only muster the energy to ask one or two questions. A shame because Chris Binchy had an engaging manner. Sadly this was an event that could have been missed quite easily.

Kerry McKittrick

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