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Keira Knightley's baby swore at TV during Trump speech

By Joe Nerssessian

Keira Knightley has revealed her 18-month-old daughter cursed over Donald Trump's US Presidential election win.

The British actress, who is married to former Klaxons keyboard player James Righton, gave birth to Edie in May 2015.

Appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show, Knightley said Edie greeted the President-elect's victory speech by closing her eyes and saying "f***".

The Pirates Of The Caribbean actress and former girlfriend of Co Down actor Jamie Dornan said: "She is talking a lot, she's running, she's literally repeating everything we say so we're having to be really careful, and we are being really careful. But we had this really weird thing the night of the American election.

"I went back to bed and my husband is on his phone and he was like 'Trump has won', so like many people we were very awake after that moment and watching the TV.

"Edie didn't wake up until about eight in the morning at which point I think he was giving his victory speech.

"I brought her into bed and she's like this watching the television, completely silently and totally still for about four minutes. She rolls over onto her back and she closes her eyes and she goes 'f***'."

Knightley added she was "very proud" of her daughter's reaction.

Meanwhile, Time magazine has named Mr Trump as its Person of the Year.

"It's a great honour. It means a lot," Mr Trump said in a telephone interview on NBC's Today show.

Time editor Nancy Gibbs said on the programme that Democrat Hillary Clinton was the number two finalist.

Ms Gibbs said the choice of Mr Trump this year was "straightforward".

She said: "When have we ever seen a single individual who has so defied expectations, broken the rules, violated norms, beaten not one but two political parties on the way to winning an election that he entered with 100-to-1 odds against him?"

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