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Miss Leah S won nearly £18K


You’ve probably seen the amusing adverts for Jackpotjoy featuring the national comic legend Barbara Windsor, but haven’t really taken to the idea that you could win big money by playing online bingo.

You’ll find, though, that once you give the site a go you could win big money just like Miss Leah S; who took home over £17,500 after playing one game of Diamond Bonanza on the popular online casino portal.

Online gaming has become increasingly popular with the British public; this has been highlighted in part by the success of Jackpotjoy, which was launched in 2002 by the Gamesys Group. Here, registered users can try a variety of challenges including everything from bingo to casino games such as Online Slots, roulette and Noel Edmonds’ Deal or No Deal. Overall, there are more than 80 games to choose from, which means 80 chances for users to win real prizes that can change their life; just as Leah did by playing Diamond Bonanza.

In the game, players have the chance to win lots of money by playing multiline slots and spinning the reels. Diamond Bonanza is set in the roaring ‘20s, which allows players the chance to step outside of the modern world for a moment to go back to an exciting and enticing time from the comfort of their own homes.

It’s fair to say that Leah didn’t think her life could change so dramatically just by logging onto Jackpotjoy, but after having walked away with a grand total of £17,567, her doubts were sure to have been shattered.

Following her scoop, the lucky winner commented: “It hasn’t gone in as yet...” Leah added that she had “been playing the game for some time and got the five diamonds before; however, it was only a £500 win”.

Expecting to win the same amount of money again, she elaborated by stating that: “When I got it this time, [I] thought it was going to be the same... when [I] checked I wrong - I had won a bigger jackpot and am so happy for it too!”

Leah, and many others who have taken to winning large sums of money from testing their luck on Jackpotjoy, has shown that the landscape of UK gambling is changing. Online gaming really brings new options for the millions of Britons out there who could use a bit of extra luck.

Whether you’re looking to use the site to test your luck and see if you are one of the lucky ones who could win a life-changing amount of money, or if you simply want to play some amusing and entertaining games, you should visit Jackpotjoy to see what all the fuss is about. You’ll be sure to find that the portal is much more than just another bingo or casino site, as you’ll be able to play a huge variety of games as well as get the chance to interact with the millions of others who have already taken to using these sites.

Don’t wait until you see the iconic Babs on your TV next; go ahead and check out the site for yourself.

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