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MTV streaker admits it was stunt - what a surprise!

By Maureen Coleman

The Belfast man who streaked on stage at the MTV EMAs has revealed the naked truth about his moment in the spotlight.

David Monahan (24) stormed the stage on Sunday night wearing only a smile and proceeded to chat up Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere, who was there to present the award for Best Song.

The incident made headlines around the globe and prompted speculation that it was a set-up, but Monahan denied this in subsequent newspaper interviews.

However, when the Belfast Telegraph caught up with him yesterday — fully clothed – the cheeky chappie finally revealed all.

“Yes, it was all pre-arranged,” Monahan conceded. “Though, to be fair, about 99% of MTV's production people didn't know it was going to happen. It was the writers who came up with the idea of having a streaker as part of a skit. They were looking for an actor, and because I'd talked about going for a casting for Game Of Thrones naked, my name was mentioned. I got a call from MTV on Saturday asking me to come over.

“At around 11pm they rang me to confirm it was happening. They had to get confirmation from Hayden's people that she would agree to be part of it. I hardly told anyone about it, and only a handful of the MTV ones were aware of it too.

“To be honest, I'm glad it was all last minute. If I'd had too long to think about it I might have talked myself out of it.”

The north Belfast actor, a familiar face from a DoE road safety television campaign, leapt on stage as Panettiere was about to present an award to Lady Gaga.

Using his hands to protect his modesty, he told the actress: “Hello, apparently the only way out is back that way.”

When she apologised, Monahan replied: “It's not your fault. So um, enough about me, you were in that show Heroes', yeah?”

When she suggested they should meet for a pint later, he said: “I’d love that. Um, I don't have my phone on me. You know what, I'll just leave you to it and see you at the after-show.”

Monahan then removed his hands and waved at the crowd before running off stage.

He said: “I didn't really think about it until I was out there, and then when the camera phones were all going it suddenly hit me that I was naked on stage in front of millions of viewers.

“I'm not sure whether it'll be the best thing I've done for my career or the worst, but it was a bit of fun and Hayden was a good sport.”

When asked if the actress took a sneaky peek, Monahan laughed: “I think she might have done.”

Kate Laverge, vice-president of communications at Viacom International, said: “The EMA streaker was one of the music industry's closest-kept secrets and was as much of a surprise to 99% of the MTV team as it was to our audience — and we loved it.”

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