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10 questions for... Irish DJ John Gibbons ahead of Belfast show

Irish DJ and record producer John Gibbons is set to perform a headline show in Belfast next month.

The Dublin-born DJ will take to the stage at Mandela Hall on Saturday, December 16.

Ahead of the upcoming gig, the Belfast Telegraph grabbed a quick Q&A with John, where he reveals how he ended up on stage without his trousers and laments his inability to enjoy an Ulster Fry.

1. What's the best and worst thing that's ever happened to you on stage?

Interesting question. Two stand-out moments spring to mind. One particular stage-dive at a festival in Ireland resulted in me being carried so far back in the crowd that I wasn’t back to the decks in time to mix in my next track. Luckily the crowd loved it!

Then another stage-dive in Poland resulted in me arriving back on the stage without my pants. I had to finish my set in just boxer shorts. I’ll let you decide which was the best and which was the worst.

2. Who is your music idol and have you ever met them?

Freddie Mercury. To me he was just the consummate showman. A giant ball of on-stage energy, abandon and sheer showmanship with a voice to match. What a star!

Unfortunately I was a mere spring-chicken when Freddie departed but I would have loved to meet him.

3. Can your music be described in one word?

Definitely. Rambunctious, or to use a more millennial term, LIT!

4. Can you music be described in five words?

Fun, energetic and always powerful.

Fun because I feel having fun is at the very essence of our existence on this plane. Having fun allows us to use our imaginations, create, and tap in to higher levels of consciousness.

Energetic because energy is the binding force of the universe, the building block upon which our very existence lies and like music, connects us all.

And powerful because only when we realise the depth of our own power and begin to utilise it in a positive way can we truly reach our potential.

5. What can the Belfast audience expect from your upcoming show?

Good choice of words, this won’t just be a DJ set, it’ll be a SHOW!

Expect special guests, all my hit singles, lots of new tunes and above all expect to dance.

Along with Scotland, Northern Ireland is probably the most energetic part of the world in terms of crowd energy and response, and I can’t wait to smash Mandela Hall.

6. What song is your biggest guilty pleasure?

I rarely feel any guilt associated with music but one that I tend to get a lot of stick for is James Blunt’s Your Beautiful – I just love it.

I’m also partial to a bit of Lionel Richie on the drive home from gigs. There, my secret is out!

7. Do you know what an Ulster Fry is?

I sure do and have devoured many over the years. The definitely highlight is the potato bread – a little-known delicacy in my part of the world.

Unfortunately my days of eating meat and bread are behind me but if anyone wants to try to tailor one to my horribly delicate dietary needs on December 16, you know where to find me.

8. Who would you love to perform a duet with? (living or dead)

The Weeknd. I’m a big fan of him and vocally I think he’s so perfectly suited to what I do that our track would undoubtedly be the biggest moment in both of our shows.

I also really like Sam Smith and in terms of a link-up within dance music, I think a John Gibbons/Calvin Harris collab would be off the scale – maybe we could put Stormzy on vocals for that one.

Of course Freddie Mercury would be another if he was still around, I reckon he would’ve loved my music.

9. If you had to listen to one song on repeat for 24 hours, what would it be?

My favourite dance tune of all time is Three Drives’ classic Greece 2000, and outside of dance music is definitely Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits.

They’re both songs of which I’ll never tire – even after 24 hours on repeat!

10. Will you be seeing the Belfast sights while you're in the city?

Most certainly. Belfast is a beautiful and fascinating city which I’ve yet to explore fully, despite spending quite a bit of time there over the years for studio work.

I’ve always found it an incredibly welcoming place and am so excited to be back.

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