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Bap Kennedy's widow releases song in his memory

Brenda Kennedy
Brenda Kennedy
Bap Kennedy

By Stephanie Bell

The widow of Belfast musician Bap Kennedy has penned a beautiful song in his memory to mark the third anniversary of his death on November 1.

Brenda Kennedy has written and recorded Rising of the Moon, and Bap's fans will immediately recognise it as a very personal tribute to the musician, who had such a fascination with space travel that he devoted an entire album to it.

Also to keep her husband's music alive, Brenda has made every one of his songs freely available to listen to on his website throughout the month of November.

Bap (54), described as one of the finest musicians to ever come out of Northern Ireland, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2016.

He went through major surgery only to be told his cancer was terminal. He was admitted to Marie Curie Hospice, where he and Brenda shared a room together for the last two months of his life.

Brenda was by his side when he passed away on November 1, 2016.

The last three years have been tough for Brenda, who now volunteers in the Marie Curie Hospice, as she tries to come to terms with the loss of her soul mate.

After spending a long time shut off from the world as her way of coping with her grief, this year she has been writing her own album, which she hopes to release in 2020. And on his anniversary she will take to the stage for the first time since before he died to sing her tribute song as a guest at a concert by Tony Villiers with his band Villiers and the Villains.

Brenda said: "It has been tough coping without him as Bap and I worked so closely together. We were joined at the hip.

"The last three years have been very introspective for me and I have done loads of meditating. I've really found an inner peace and I really feel Bap with me.

"Three years have gone by now and I am starting to get back into music a bit. I've found it very therapeutic.

"Rising of the Moon is about Bap's music and he was very interested in the Apollo and the moon landings. It was like his trademark.

"It is a very positive song, it's not dreary and I have written it to celebrate his music in positive way.

"It was played last week on the radio and I've had a very positive response. People said it was a great tribute to Bap and they loved the sentiment and said they were singing along by the end of it and that they felt Bap came through so much in the lyrics."

Tony Villiers has invited Brenda to perform the song as a guest at his concert in The Barge in Belfast on November 1.

Brenda is also putting the finishing touches to a new album which she plans to release next year.

She hopes people will go onto Bap's website throughout November and listen to his music.

She added: "I've made it very easy for people to go onto the website and hear Bap's songs. I would love people to listen to them, that would be the best tribute to Bap."

You can listen to all of Bap's songs throughout November at

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