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'Beethoven was the techno of his day', says Phil Kieran ahead of Stendhal mash up

Legendary producer and DJ Phil Kieran has described Beethoven as the "techno of his day" ahead of an appearance at Stendhal Festival next week.

In recent years the DJ has worked on collaborations between electronic and orchestral music, linking up with the Ulster Orchestra on his last album 'Blinded by the Sun', which also featured acoustic instrumentalists.

Performing at the Limavady festival - which has won numerous awards for being one of the best small festivals in both the UK and Ireland - Kieran will take to the stage on the Friday alongside Ulster Orchestra.

"Although there are a lot of good reinterpretations of dance music by orchestras and vice-versa, this collaboration has given us all a chance to share expertise and write pieces, from scratch, that could equally be performed with a synthesised sound or its equivalent acoustic instrument," he said.

"It has both dance-music and classical sensibilities at its heart."

On his enthusiasm for blending the two genres, Kieran said: "I’ve always felt that classical music and electronica have more in common than what sets them apart."

He added: "Beethoven knew how to hammer home a phrase. His music’s powerfulness and its ability to release emotion probably made him the techno of his day."

Speaking about the show, Phil describes the thrill of working with an orchestra: "I’m used to planning performances meticulously from the safe surrounds of my studio, however many of the live musicians will only see the sheet music for the first time on the morning of the concert.

"The orchestra are totally used to working this way, but for me it’s exciting to think that I’ll only be hearing the final performance pieces for the first time along with the rest of the audience on the night."

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