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Daniel O’Donnell backs Covid passports at his gigs as he embarks on new tour

Donegal singer said he was ‘terrified’ of getting Covid before being vaccinated


Daniel O’Donnell and wife Majella

Daniel O’Donnell and wife Majella

Daniel O’Donnell and wife Majella

Donegal singer Daniel O’Donnell has backed the introduction of Covid passports at his concerts, insisting if it keeps his fans safe, it’s “the way to go”.

The singer, who is to celebrate turning 60 this year, said the pandemic was “unprecedented” and “so often we have to tow the line”.

Daniel was asked for his views on people being asked to provide proof of vaccination to attend his gigs during an interview for the BBC NI’s Nolan show, which was also broadcast on Radio Ulster’s Stephen Nolan programme on Thursday.

The star is embarking on a new tour, starting in England later week, since the beginning of lockdown,.

Revealing that he has been vaccinated against coronavirus, Daniel said the figures showed the jabs were effective in protecting people from death.

"I know people have the right to have an opinion and people have the right to say whether they want vaccinations or not, but the statistics are, I think, speaking for themselves,” he said.

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“I would not be without the vaccine. It gives me confidence.”

Speaking about the prospect of Covid passports being introduced at his concerts, Daniel explained: “I think if it keeps everybody safer, it’s certainly the way to go.

"This was unprecedented and every so often you have to tow the line… I can’t tell people what to do in a medical way.”

The performer, who said that he was “terrified” of getting Covid before being vaccinated, is to release his latest album ‘60’ on October 15.

He said he hopes his fans will enjoy this collections of tunes, stressing that he also hopes things will get back to normal.

"If I feel as good as I do as now, I have no problem with living as long as I possibly can and please god we’ll look back at this time in our lives and take some good out of it,” he said.

"I would say to the people who are saying about the vaccinations, talk to somebody who has lost a loved one who didn’t get the opportunity to get a vaccine this time last year… talk to families who have lost ones who probably would not have died if the vaccinations were there.”

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