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Erasure review: More than A Little Respect for pop heroes

By Michael Conaghan

It says a lot about the loyalty of a band's fan base that after nearly 30 years in the business Erasure can sell out a gig in a couple of hours.

Vince Clarke, we know, is one of pop's great engine rooms, but it is surely the alchemy provided by Andy Bell that has provided the most durable outlet for his electropop genius.

With all the strobe lighting, sexually indeterminate amazonian dancers and Andy Bell in a sequinned morning suit, opener Oh L'amour was almost an anticlimax, especially when, after a minute, it all went quiet because of an electronic glitch.

Thankfully, after a short interval, the band returned, saving us from the prospect of Erasure unplugged.

Their strength lies in an ability to fuse pulsating dance rhythms with soaring melodies. Could they pull off the same trick with new material?

Recent single Elevation certainly suggests so, with a little backwards nod to classic disco.

It's surely under the whirling silver ball where they feel most comfortable, with Andy Bell, one of the great bad dancers in pop, leading the conga line.

A Little Respect, rapturously received, was arguably the first among equals, though, on this ocassion, pipped by Ship of Fools.

They create real affection too, with the big foot-stomping moment happening when Andy Bell sidled over to introduce his self-effacing musical partner and enfold him in a manly hug.

Four stars

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