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Gigs: Drone pop hipsters and Jagger lookalikes

By Patric Baird

Documenta Mr Tom's, Lavery's,  Bradbury Place, Belfast Tonight 9pm.

The achingly-hip drone pop outfit Documenta play Lavery's Middle Bar, prior to embarking on a tour around several music festivals across the UK and Ireland.

The seven-piece band is fronted by singer, songwriter and guitarist Joe Greene who cut his musical teeth playing bass with Olympic Lifts, Belfast's only hip hop/indie crossover band.

The band draw their diverse influences from "English guitar minimalism emanating from Eighties Rugby, the darkness and light of Detroit's hit factory, and the German Kosmische set's concrete groove". Psychedelic and cosmic are words which appear quite often when others describe their music and their latest album - 2015's Drone Pop #1 (it's their second album, by the way) - contains plenty of musical spacescapes combined with obscure melodies and tangential guitar breaks.

Entry is £10, payable at the door, and includes free admission to the following club night in which DJs Jonny Carberry and Mark Reid spin a mix of disco, new wave, post-punk and house oddities.

For details, visit dronepop documenta on Facebook.

The Rollin' Clones

Empire Music Hall, Botanic Avenue, Belfast

Tomorrow 8.30pm

In addition to getting first prize for being one of the best named tribute bands on the planet, The Rollin' Clones also score very highly with a live show in which they have been paying homage to their craggy idols for the past 17 years.

They have, however, some way to go before earning extra points for longevity, with Jagger, Richards and company notching up over 50 years on the road. They work their way through all the classics, from the simple rhythm and blues numbers from the Sixties through Seventies rock 'n' roll, up to some Eighties pomp, drawn from the Stones' later albums Emotional Rescue and Tattoo You.

Expect a lively and faithfully-recreated show in Belfast tomorrow night - you might even recognise the Just-Like-Jagger frontman Alex Larke, who was one-half of the UK's 2015 Eurovision entry, Electro Velvet.

For more details, visit the

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