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Granny could have been jailed for bigamy: Linda Martin


Eurovision winner Linda Martin

Eurovision winner Linda Martin

Eurovision winner Linda Martin

Eurovision winner and Belfast singer Linda Martin has joked of how her granny could have been locked up in Crumlin Road Gaol for her serial marriages - and not getting divorced.

Linda Martin made the revelation in a new RTE show Keys to my Life, which takes stars back to their roots.

She also revealed how music mogul Louis Walsh rescued her from homelessness after the breakdown of a relationship.

He was her manager at the time and said she needed a place to stay for a few days, which turned into a few years. The pair were nicknamed the 'Duke and Duchess of Daltry'.

Linda then moved into her granny's apartment who was married three times over.

"She could have been serving time in Crumlin Road Gaol for bigamy - she was a ticket," Linda laughed.

The daughter of a ship worker, the 69-year-old grew up in east Belfast. Her parents, Kathleen and Bobby, bought their first home on the outskirts of Belfast when they were in their 40s which Linda revisited for the RTE show.

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Standing outside she became emotional thinking about her mother - who she says was "almost the love of my life".

Her mum lived in the house for four years before a cancer diagnosis. "She slipped away very peacefully… my father was dumbstruck - couldn't cope," recalls a tearful Linda.

As a teenager Linda saw an ad in a newspaper looking for a girl singer for a band.

That band was Chips which Linda was with for a decade but admits she had "ferocious arguments" with her father about joining the group and decided to finish school. Her father never saw her on stage.

She also revealed how pal Johnny Logan promised her he would pen her the "winning song" for Eurovision and in 1992, she took the title with Why Me?, which she described as the pinnacle of her career.

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