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I paid price of success with my marriage, says NI singer Foy Vance


Musican Foy Vance pictured in Belfast City Centre.

Musican Foy Vance pictured in Belfast City Centre.

Musican Foy Vance pictured in Belfast City Centre.

Singer Foy Vance has revealed a protracted period of intense touring contributed to the breakdown of his first marriage and said he has changed his attitude to being away from his family.

The Bangor-born musician said that a relentless workload as he established his career was a factor in things not working out with his wife, Joanne.

Foy (45) said: "Any of the people I have met over the years that have carved out a path for themselves and are out there doing it are people that either always worked really f****** hard or at least had a period in their life where they busted their ass.

"I know I did, I had about seven or eight years where I was hardly home and I've got the broken marriage to prove it."

Foy added: "I was travelling everywhere taking every gig and any gig. Sometimes at the end of one gig we were meant to go home and I'd get an offer for another gig and it's like, 'Okay, fly me there, I've got my guitar, I'll go, I'll do it, I'll bring my CDs and I'll sell them' - it's really hard work.

"In the past I feel like I did what I felt was right at the time.

"As for right now, I'll never tour that hard again. I'll always work because it's in my DNA or I'd go crazy, but I'm going to focus mainly on writing.

"I'll still tour, I'll go out for two weeks in the States or two weeks back home, that sort of thing, but I'll never work away from home again because it's just too taxing on relationships, it's just not worth it."

He said: "It wasn't just my touring that dissipated that relationship but it certainly didn't help things and it certainly wouldn't help things now if I was to continue to push it.

"My goal is to write a few more songs and be around the family for the next few years."

Foy, who has toured with the likes of Elton John and Ed Sheeran, will treat fans in Belfast this weekend to songs from his two albums released this year, 'From Muscle Shoals' and 'To Memphis' as well as crowd favourites from his back catalogue.

He told the Belfast Telegraph he got married for the second time and hinted he got hitched to wife Marie in a less conventional setting.

He laughed: "You could say that I got married in a forest, but I couldn't possibly comment!"

The couple have a son called Sonny who will turn three next St Patrick's Day and Foy is currently based in London because his 16-year-old daughter from his first marriage is at school there.

He said: "I lived up in Scotland and I still feel like Scotland is home because that's where our house is but we are on tour in London for a couple of years because that's where my daughter is at a theatre school, so we moved down for that.

"But the second she gets out of that school I'll be back up that motorway like a rat up a drainpipe.

"We've got a lovely little spot in a valley in the middle of nowhere."

Foy Vance is playing two shows at Belfast's Waterfront Hall tonight and tomorrow night. Tickets from Ticketmaster and the Waterfront websites and box office

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