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Irish designer's delight as Lady Gaga dons her gloves for the second time


Lady Gaga wearing Paula Rowan's 'Fergie' gloves

Lady Gaga wearing Paula Rowan's 'Fergie' gloves

Lady Gaga wearing Paula Rowan's 'Fergie' gloves

Irish designer Paula Rowan has said it was a “huge honour” to design gloves for Lady Gaga to wear during her current World Tour.

The singer is wearing Ms Rowan’s gloves as part of her Chromatica Ball World Tour.

Ms Rowan has been designing gloves for 15 years and her creations have been worn by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars including Helen Mirren, Ruth Negga and Dua Lupa as well as appearing in Vogue magazine.

Lady Gaga previously showcased Rowan’s designs in House of Gucci when she immersed herself in the role of Patrizia Reggiani.

Ms Rowan said Lady Gaga’s team were quite specific regarding the style of glove she had in mind.

“I had done the gloves for Lady Gaga in House of Gucci and then her design team and her stylists have been working with me on another project,” she said.

“And then around two weeks ago they approached me and said would I be interested in producing some gloves for both Lady Gaga and her dancers.

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“So, the dancers haven’t actually worn them yet but Lady Gaga wore them in Dusseldorf in the opening concert, which was absolutely amazing.”

Ms Rowan, who first opened her boutique at Dublin's Westbury Mall in 2006, said Gaga is a “style innovator”.

“So, for a small brand, which I am, to have such a huge iconic name wearing my designs was, I have to say, one of the bigger moments of my life,” she told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland.

“Because I think with Lady Gaga, she’s a wonderful performer and people are in expectation about what she’s actually going to be wearing.

“So, to see her wearing my gloves is just incredible and I also think when she’s performing, she’s also using her hands so much to communicate.

“She was wearing the Fergie sleeves, which are an over the elbow leather sleeve with no fingers. I think I saw on social media on Sunday, watching as much of the concert as I could see, she wore about six pairs.

“To see incredibly talented people wearing my gloves is a huge honour.

“I think when such a style innovator like Lady Gaga actually wears your gloves, people sit up and they look at your brand in a very, very different way.”

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