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Kylie Minogue wows Belfast with 'the biggest disco in the town'

By Andrew Johnston

"I should be so lucky," Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue sang in 1987, but fortune has revealed itself to be on her side as, 27 years later, she's still having hit records and touring the world's arenas.

Last night, the 46-year-old star returned to Belfast's Odyssey Arena to promote her latest album, Kiss Me Once.

And many of the assembled fans - some wearing well-worn, homemade 'I love Kylie' T-shirts - looked as if they'd be happy to make it twice or three times.

Minogue's entrance on stage, sprawled on an oversized set of puckered lips, appeared to be saying that anything Katy or Miley or Rihanna can do, Kylie can do just as outrageously, even if opening number Les Sex was dance-pop by numbers.

Indeed, for all the slick production and arty overtones of tracks like Wow or Sexercize or the histrionics of ballads such as Beautiful or the new album's title tune, the crowd responded most strongly to the vocalist's early, Stock, Aitken and Waterman-produced material.

A string of late-80s favourites including Hand on Your Heart, Never Too Late, Got to Be Certain and I Should Be So Lucky had fans in throes of nostalgic fervour.

The medley was accompanied by topless dancers wearing fake quiffs, the main woman in a heart-shaped leotard and an actual bubble bath for her to climb into.

Minogue also upped the camp quotient with a bizarre routine involving male dancers dressed as what looked like liquorice allsorts.

The diminutive diva threw everything she had at the show. If the lasers didn't dazzle you or the thumping beats didn't deafen you, then half a dozen elaborate costume changes at least let you know that what Minogue lacks in stature, she makes up for in a well-stocked wardrobe.

There was a live band on stage, but for most of the concert, the music sounded like a very loud, digitally processed backing track.

Can't Get You out of My Head and Kids received throbbing, club-friendly makeovers, the former especially sounding rather darker than the original studio version.

Still, it was fitting for what Minogue described at one point as "the biggest disco in town". And she seemed to be having at least as much fun as the crowd, smiling and dancing until the final notes of All the Lovers had rung out.

Three stars

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