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McBusted unleash awesome adventure in sound at Belfast Odyssey

By Andrew Johnston

Supergroups tend not to have much staying power, but if anything, McBusted — a fusion of 2000s popsters McFly and Busted — are doing better than the original outfits did.

The six-piece approach their tours like movies, so while last year’s debut jaunt was billed as a time-travelling romp à la Back to the Future, McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure is the bigger, better sequel.

Priming last night’s Odyssey Arena audience with a series of vintage 1980s cinema trailers, the band burst onto a stage set that was designed like a classic arcade game machine, complete with giant joysticks, flashing buttons and coin slot.

Frankly, it was the work of crazed geniuses, as was a later stunt that saw the members delivered to a second stage via a ‘flying’ DeLorean.

As for the music, opening songs Air Guitar and Hate Your Guts were pure pop-rock, with the band coming on like a troop of gibbons that had been locked away for a year with guitars and Cheap Trick’s back catalogue, then turned loose in front of several thousand people.

There were old favourites by McFly (One for the Radio, Obviously, 5 Colours in Her Hair) and Busted (Thunderbirds Are Go, Crashed the Wedding, Air Hostess), but the material from the hybrid act’s new album proved just as popular. With three guitars, two basses, five-way vocals and the brilliant Harry Judd on drums, it was punchy as hell, too.

Belfast was the final night of the tour, so the lads indulged their adolescent sense of humour more than ever.

Let’s hope McBusted have it in them to make it a trilogy.

Four stars

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