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1D star Louis woken by naked man?

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson apparently got the fright of his life when a naked man tried to get into his hotel room.

The 20-year-old boyband star was sleeping in a hotel in Sweden when he heard a noise at the door and went to investigate - and was stunned when he discovered that a man with no clothes on was trying to get in.

An insider told The Sun: "Louis heard the noise because he wasn't sleeping well with jet-lag and at first he thought it would be another fan who had sneaked past minders.

"When he saw it was a small naked man he called security, who sorted it out."

It seems the man wasn't one of the countless fans trying to get close to Louis and his bandmates since they shot to fame on the X Factor, as the source added that he was just "a drunk who was looking for a toilet".


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