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6 things to know ahead of Guns N' Roses at Slane

By Aoife Kelly

It's almost upon us - Guns N' Roses will return to Slane Castle, Co Meath after a quarter of a century on Saturday for what promises to be memorable gig.

Tickets sold out within minutes of going on sale so if you're lucky enough to have bagged one you're both privileged and in for a treat.

However, there are a few things that are handy to know before you grace the site with your presence.

A crowd of 83,000 will be descending on the small Meath location within a relatively short time period so you'll need to abide by the rules and employ a little patience when getting there, and getting out.

Here are a few pointers regarding what to bring, what not to bring, how to get there, and what to expect from the band...

Don't pack that lightsaber in your backpack

Last month concert promoters MCD issued a list for fans of items banned from the concert site.

These included the usual selfie sticks, backpacks, iPads and umbrellas as well as more obscure items including lightsabers, Chinese lanterns, flag poles, and, eh, tridents.

Food and animals are also banned and you're not allowed any cameras with detachable telephoto lenses.

'Bring wellies and suncream'

That's the official advice of the Gardai and we reckon it's pretty sound.

On Saturday there will be showers but the east will probably get the best of the weather with a "hit-and-miss" chance of showers at the concert.  So, basically, you might get rained on, or you might not, so plan for all eventualities.

How to get there (and back) with your sanity intact

Bear in mind that thousands will be converging on Slane at the same time, so take public transport if at all possible. Either way, whether you drive or bus it, you'll need patience.  It will take a while to get in and out. So, give yourself a couple of extra hours to get there and be patient.

Coaches will run from all over Ireland and Northern Ireland and there will be a traffic management plan in place.

You can book camping and parking in advance

Parking is only available on the Collon, Drogheda and Kells roads and there is no parking at all on the Navan Road and the N2 south of Slane.  You can't just park on the roadside and abandon your car - it'll be towed away.

Also, the official car park conditions are weather dependent so if it rains excessively and the car parks are waterlogged, they'll be closed.

There are no official camp sites for the event, but Castle Park Slane Carpark and Campsite offer both parking and camping facilities within 100 meter walk of Slane Castle's entrance.  There are hot showers and actual toilets as opposed to portaloos and there's a glam room for those who can't survive 24 hours without touching up their hair and make-up.  You'll need to bring your own towels, hairdryers and straighteners.

Admission for cars is €20 and parking with camping costs €25 per person (the campsite opens on Friday at 12 and closes on Sunday).  Check out

Expected setlist

They've been playing between 20 and 25 songs on each night of the tour so far (they're expected to hit the Slane stage at 7pm on the dot) and has analysed the figures and these are the top 25 most played songs from their Not in this Lifetime tour:

  • It's So Easy
  • Speak Softly Love
  • Rocket Queen
  • Knockin' on Heaven's Door
  • Mr Brownstone
  • Sweet Child O' Mine
  • You Could Be Mine
  • Nighttrain
  • Chinese Democracy
  • Better
  • Welcome to the Jungle
  • Double Talkin' Jive
  • Paradise City
  • Live and Let Die
  • This I Love
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Estranged
  • November Rain
  • Civil War
  • The Seeker
  • Coma
  • Out Ta Get Me
  • Attitude
  • Don't Try
  • Patience

However, they've also played: New Rose, Slash Guitar Solo, My Michelle, Sorry, Yesterdays, Used to Love Her, Raw Power, Catcher in the Rye, Whole Lotta Rosie, Riff Raff, There Was a Time, and Nice Boys.

Avoid the compulsion to mosh

You can also forget about moshing or crowd surfing.  If you do indulge in this particular compulsion you'll be ejected from the site without a refund and that's zero craic.

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