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Adele fans frustrated after missing out on advance tour tickets

Many Adele fans have been left disappointed and frustrated after missing out on advance tickets for her 2016 tour.

The hashtag #AdeleTickets was soon trending on Twitter, with some people queuing for up to four hours on the singer's official website only to leave empty-handed.

Fans had to register their details on for the advance sales, which started at 9am. Tickets for Adele Live 2016 begin at 9am on Friday.

Katy Williams, using the handle ‏Agatha_Moon, posted: " So... 4 hours later, still no #adeletickets for Birmingham. I've had to give up for today now, partly for work, mainly for sanity."

Sarah Duncan, as sessal84, wrote: " Thanks @songkick for no #adeletickets. Maybe the next album @adele releases should be called #3hoursofmylifeiwillnevergetback."

Most people were annoyed with the hours of waiting, with Andrew Blakeley (@ABlakeley) saying: "25 isn't the name of the album, it's the number of hours you have to queue for #adeletickets."

Laura Jane, as ‏Laura_J_Spencer, added: " If 'Hello' didn't emotionally destroy you enough, the queue for #adeletickets will."

The tour, which kick off at Belfast's SSE Arena on February 29, also includes shows in Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and four dates in London.

Others decided to make some productive use of their waiting time, with one user rewriting the song lyrics to Adele's chart-topping hit Hello and another claiming to have baked six cakes within that period.

Ayala Maurer-Prager listed a number of tasks to do while waiting, which included "learn a language, write a book, give birth, and evaluate every life choice you've ever made".

Adele - who has smashed UK and US records with her third album, 25 - announced her first live gigs in four years on social media, saying: "I have been bluffing the whole time and I am so relieved to finally tell you I am of course coming on tour and I can't wait to see all of you there."


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