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Aerosmith put differences aside

Aerosmith's Joe Perry has admitted writing his autobiography was "harrowing" as he relived his ups and downs.

The rockers closed Download festival and the 63-year-old guitarist - who is known to have had a number of clashes with lead singer Steven Tyler - admitted they had to put their differences aside to go on the road together again.

He said: "It's not bad. We get along as well as can be expected for any men in their sixties who've raised families together and had our ups and downs. But usually when we go on stage we put all that aside and put on the best show we can."

Joe, who is about to release his autobiography, said writing the book was "harrowing".

He added: "It sounded like a lot of fun at the beginning because you think about all the good stuff that you get to talk about.

"But if the book's going to be any good you have to talk about everything, and let's just say where there's ups there's downs, and you have to talk about all of it for it to be real."

The musician said the band were pleased to return to Donnington Park, where they have performed before, for the rock festival. And he hoped their performance would help a new generation discover Aerosmith's music.

He said: "I think festivals are great because of the mixture of the bands. Half the bands I may not have heard of, or have heard of and not seen them live, that sort of things.

"And vice versa, I think a lot of fans that might not have heard us play, they might have heard of our music - now they'll get a chance to see us play."


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