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Aguilera writes fans thank you note

Christina Aguilera has written a lengthy thank you letter to fans for their support over the years.

The Fighter singer put the letter, entitled From My Heart To Yours... Let There Be Love, up on her website and said she wanted to reflect back over the support she has enjoyed.

She started: "I wanted to reach out to my fans out there that continuously support me and have my back relentlessly throughout the years. I am so grateful and fortunate for your dedication. Your time and devotion. Your kindness and understanding. Your patience and compassion...

"It has been a tremendous gift to have been able to share my work on such a large scale with all of you around the world. I may get quiet at times, but when I do have something to say, I mean every word...

"Thank you for listening to my words. Opening your hearts. Giving back love. Seeing beneath the surface... Thank you for appreciating the body of work I'm creating over time."

Christina also shared with her fans what her motivation was in her career.

She wrote: "Money and fame have never been the sole driving force of motivation for me to achieve what I have. It's the love of creating, expressing and connecting with myself and others alike through music that has always spoke to my passion and drive to be in this business."


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