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All-star group 'handling it well'

Newly created all-star group 5th Story - which features Gareth Gates and Dane Bowers - say they could see themselves carrying on into the future, despite being assembled simply for TV series The Big Reunion.

The five-piece is made up of performers who have had either solo careers or a stint in other groups and viewers will see how they get on during a second series of the ITV2 show.

Until now the programme has focused on defunct groups being brought back together and acts such as A1, 3T and three-quarters of Eternal will be seen regrouping in the latest run.

Launching the series today, members of 5th Story said after a few days of rehearsal they were getting on well and could see themselves carrying on. The quintet - also featuring Blazin' Squad's Kenzie, actor-turned-singer Adam Rickitt and Kavana - are working on songs they had each recorded in their earlier careers.

Kenzie said: "T he music was very important to us - can we make that work? can we get on as a group? - we ticked both those boxes. The support has been great and hopefully if it's there, we'd love to continue."

Dane said it would depend on the response from fans whether the collaboration would continue beyond the show.

"It does need to be right - people have really got to love it for it to work. At the minute we get on and we're having fun. There is definitely scope for us creatively to move on," he said.

"We didn't know if it was going to work, but there's some talented people in the band."

Kenzie went on: "We haven't had long rehearsing - two, three weeks. Some of these bands have been together decades. Given the time and pressure we have been under, we're really handing it well."

Gareth, who rose to fame as runner-up on Pop Idol, said he was unsure how to respond when approached by ITV to take part.

"When I was first asked, I didn't know what to say really. I've always been a solo artist out there on my own. All of us have met now - having so much fun on stage. Our songs, which were all individual songs, we made them all our band version."

Gareth admitted he had a difficult workload at the moment as he balances his commitment to the group with his rehearsals for Dancing On Ice. "It's a bit hard at the minute but it's fun," he said.

Discussing what he brought to the group, Adam said: "I make a wicked cup of tea."

:: The new series of The Big Reunion begins on February 6 on ITV2.


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