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Amy Winehouse US foundation launch

Amy Winehouse's father said he had communicated with his daughter through a psychic as he launched the US branch of a foundation named after the late star.

Mitch launched the US branch of the foundation at New York's Joe's Pub, where the embattled pop star made her American debut five years ago.

Mitch, who was joined by Amy's mother Janis and her younger brother Alex, said he spoke to his daughter through a psychic on Tuesday, saying that she "is fully behind everything that we're doing and she's up in heaven waving her magic wand".

He said the Amy Winehouse Foundation - aimed at assisting disadvantaged youth - had already raised more than £600,000 in the UK.

In the US, the organisation will focus on children "without access to music education and music therapy".

The family announced a donation of 10,000 dollars to the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.

Mitch performed four songs with a jazz band, at one point kissing his mobile phone which had a photo of his daughter on it, at the launch.

He said he'll release a book in June about his relationship with his daughter, who died of accidental alcohol poisoning on July 23 at her London home.

All proceeds from Amy, My Daughter will benefit the foundation, he said.

The organisation also announced the Amy Winehouse Inspiration Awards and Gala, to be held on September 10 in New York.


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