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Anastacia: I'm feeling much better

Anastacia has told how Sharon Osbourne and Sir Elton John helped her through her cancer battle.

The US singer announced this week that she'd undergone a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time.

The I'm Outta Love star, 45, told ITV's Lorraine: "I'm really feeling much better - it's been unbelievable, the ride has been way more intense than I thought."

Anastacia, who was first diagnosed with cancer in 2003, said that she'd prepared herself to have the major operation if she was ever told she had the disease again.

She said: "I was hoping I wouldn't get it again - so it was one of those things that I think I kinda prepared in my head enough for that decision when it was the decision to make.

"And any journey down that road is not easy for a female period, but you just gotta do what you gotta do and I'm cancer free forever - breast cancer free at least, and that has been all worth the struggle."

The Left Outside Alone singer, who announced the second diagnosis in February, told of her special relationship with Sir Elton and fellow cancer survivor Sharon.

"Sharon, Elton, they have been more than friends, more than respectful in just being teatime buddies. They've really, really been so embracing every aspect of giving word, and attention, and love when it is needed," she said.

"They've really done that for almost everybody I have ever spoken to that is ever involved with them - I am so grateful that they find the time out of their crazy schedules to even care about how I'm feeling and what's happening with me. It means the world, it really does."

The singer-songwriter, who is about to release her new album, told Lorraine: "I have to tell you, if I didn't have this album to do, it would be much harder."


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