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Annie Lennox: I watch myself on YouTube

Annie Lennox often watches her old performances on YouTube.

The singer turns 56 on Christmas Day, but isn’t depressed about her advancing age. She prefers to think about all she has achieved during her life, and is still amazed by the sheer volume of records she has under her belt.

Annie can often be found perusing video-sharing website YouTube in search of her early performances, as she sometimes finds she can’t remember all her tracks.

“Nowadays because of the internet and things like YouTube you can actually see all the work you’ve done and it’s incredible and there’s so much of it. Occasionally I look back and I didn’t realise, but here I am folks, still going,” she explained. “Music is always changing and there’s new developments. I’ll be 56 on Christmas Day and I’ve gone through the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and now it’s 2010 and it’s incredible because you just look back and think, ‘Wow, I remember when I first heard The Beatles, I was just a kid and I was there when it happened.’”

The singer’s new album is called A Christmas Cornucopia and features her versions of popular festive carols. Annie has wanted to release such a record all her life, as singing the songs featured was what first got her interested in music as a child.

She has been working on the LP for over a year, but still isn’t tired of singing Christmas songs.

“I had such fun recording this album, it was such a pleasure. We started in October last year and we went spring, autumn... we’re still working on it. We were singing Christmas carols all year and then finally we got up to December and the world catches up with you!” she laughed to the BBC.

“People don’t realise the work that goes into crafting an album like this is huge. You just think of everything single detail; it’s exactly what I would have wanted it to be.”

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